​Tutoring and Mentoring

​​Tutoring and mentoring can come in handy for a number of reasons.
​If your child is home schooled, in part time school or is temporarily out of school, tutoring and mentoring can support their learning whilst working closely with you.
Perhaps you feel your child is falling behind at school or a teacher has mentioned concerns during a parents evening. Or maybe your child has an educational need such as dyslexia or ADHD; or has difficulties socially, emotionally or behaviourally.
Private tutition can be a very positive choice in supporting your child in their education, experiences, skills and confidence to progress and achieve.
​Tutoring and mentoring is individually tailored depending on your circumstances and desired outcomes. A specific area can be focussed on or choose a combination of areas to target at once.
Special educational needs can be closely supported. All of this makes this service particularly beneficial and effective.
  1. Educational
    Teaching and improving writing, reading, spelling and numeracy skills using a range of tools, resources and activities. Support with homework and preparation for SATs/ exams.
  2. Behavioural & Emotional
    Mentoring to support positive behaviour patterns. Exploration of factors affecting behavior & emotional development. Tactics to self-regulate and manage impulses & emotion.
  3. Social Skills
    Mentoring to develop skills that support friendship making, maintaining routine, and managing structure. Plus preparation for events such as transitions, parties, haircuts & holidays.
  4. Listening & Attention
    Activities designed to develop and improve listening skills. This includes the ability to focus, direct attention, attend to conversations and follow instructions. This can benefit all areas.
  5. Sensory & Processing
    Focus on particular areas allowing connections to be formed in the brain creating new knowledge & bridging the gap to existing. The games & resources I use are designed to promote this.
  6. Speech & Language
    Support in learning and using sounds, clear speech sounds and blending. Tutoring in learning new words and meanings. Learning language use and expression of language skills.

​All tutoring and mentoring is charged at £20 p/h.

​Contact me for a free, no obligation chat to discuss your concerns, ask questions and find out how tutoring and mentoring can help you!

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