​​​Training, Support & Advice

​You might not know who to ask when it comes to concerns about your child. There could be difficult or paritcular behaviour issues or there could be a health or educational need such as ASD, ADHD or anxiety which you would like to understand better. This part of the service aims to offer accessible, accurate and personalised information on how best to support and guide the children in your care.
​If you are a home schooler or not, your child is or isn't currently in school, these services can help you if you're feeling frustrated, worried, confused and anxious; wondering about what to do next, how to understand your child's needs and how to support them.  
The services are described below and can be combined to create a package of support which suits you.  
  1. Supporting Letters
    A supporting letter can be written to help you communicate or to support concerns and additional needs or behaviours to schools, the NHS and other private professionals.
  2. Reports
    A report explains any findings from my own assessments & observations. It also includes ways to develop specific needs. This can be helpful for your own understanding & effectiveness; and others.
  3. Information
    Information packs can be helpful in furthering your understanding of specific needs and how they can be supported. Subjects include dyslexia, behaviour, ASD, ADHD, anxiety and speech & language.
  4. Games and Resources
    During tutoring I use a number of games and resources to support with ongoing understanding & learning. I can offer support in choosing and buying effective games and tools for you to use at home.
  5. Training for Parents
    Parent training can be delivered at home or a venue (both up to 10 adults). I can cover a number of topics including managing behaviour, attention and supporting development and learning.
  6. Training for Professionals
    Training can improve the skillset and effectiveness of a number of child-related roles and includes superstar training for teaching assistants, supporting SEBD and SEN in learning and fun teaching tactics.

​​​Prices start at £3 for games and resources.
​Information packs, letters, reports and training start at £15.

​​​Contact me to discuss any of the support and training services and how they could support your individiual needs.


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