​​Information and Training Packs
​​£15- £60
​​ Includes:
Detailed information booklet
Resources to support content
At least 3 games or resources to try out at home
​​ Overview
Information and training packs covering a range of subjects such as behaviour, dyslexia, low attention skills, anxiety & anger. See fill list in section below.
Use them independently or combined to build a training programme that benefits the knowledge you need to effectively support your child.
​Pick out the sections which work best for to create a personalised guide.
​Information, advice, tactics and games ideas come from years of working in the specialist education industry and experience trying them out.
​Find out lots of fun ideas for teaching and learning.
All packs are available in audio format or with larger font. Ask me about other accessible formats.

​​Work in the comfort of your own home.
​Work at your own pace.
Choose exactly which areas to include.
Improve your knowledge on specific needs and areas of difficulty.
Recognise which skills to develop and how.
Pick the strategies which suit your needs best.

​​Which pack is for you?

​​ ​Behaviour Intervention Pack
​Detailed information booklet which supports you in creating your own intervention. Includes recognising, adapting and improving behaviour. And lots of tactics and ideas.
​​ ​Anxiety and Anger Management
​In-depth breakdown of anxiety and anger, their origin, the effects, impacts plus techniquices and tools to develop and improve on issues. Includes lots of tactics and ideas on how to support.
​​ ​Supporting Dyslexia
​In-depth information pack on what dyslexia is, how it could be affecting your child and ways to support their specific difficulties.. Includes lots of ideas to develop their skills to support effective learning.
​​ ​Improving Attention and Focus
​In-depth advice and ideas on how to improve good listening, attention skills and develop focus within your child.
​​ ​Better Spelling
​In-depth advice booklet on teaching spellings in a fun and effective way.. Includes lots of ideas for activiites and games included for you to try out!
​​ ​Better Reading
​In-depth advice booklet on encouraging reading plus teaching and developing skills needed for better reading. Includes lots of ideas for games to improve reading skills.
​​ ​         Combination Pack Offers

​Better Spelling + Better Reading £20

Supporting Dyslexia + Better Reading + Better Spelling ​ £55 

​Improving Attention and Focus + Anxiety and Anger Management £55

​​What to do next

​​Contact me with any questions and to order your packs

              075229 5454 9

​               Lindzi@thewinstarway.com

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