​​Information and support for you

​You might not know who to ask or where to turn when it comes to concerns about your child's learning, development or behavioural needs.
These services are designed to offer full control on how you support your child, get the most from their Education and gain a better understanding of how to manage behaviour, anxiety and more.
​​ Assessment and Report

​​​Do you need help communicating your concerns about your child's needs to their school, the GP or other professional?​​
​Want a better understanding of how their needs  are affecting them and how they can be supported?
​Do you need supporting evidence for a diagnosis?
This service could be helpful to you.
​​​Do you want to know more about how a specific need affects your child?​​
​Do you need support with managing particular behaviour or difficulties?
​Would you like advice and ideas on how to support and develop your child's skills?
​Would you like ideas on how to support your child academically?
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​​​Behaviour Intervention Plan​​ ​​
 ​​​ Winstar Cards  
​​​Is your child's behaviour challenging, unmanageable or causing distress?​​
​Is your home environment suffering due to you child's behaviour?
Has your child's behaviour taken over?
​Want advice and guidance on how to support better behaviour and tactics for the future?​​
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​​​This game is fun and suitable for children of all ages and abilities.
Winstar Cards allows the opportunity to develop a whole range of skills through play.
​It can be used in schools and at home, with 1 to 5 players.

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