​Some of the feedback and journeys so far... 

  1. "Could not recommend this service enough, the improvement my son has made in just a few short weeks is immeasurable. This lady knows more about my child than some he has worked with for years, she is also the first professional I have come across that listened to our concerns and took them onboard, a truly fantastic service."
    Leanne Ongoing tutoring & mentoring and support services
  2. "I have just attended my first school parents evening since my daughters tutoring began. They have noticed a massive improvement in her school work as have I. Could not recommend her enough."
    Rachel Ongoing tutoring
  3. Fantastic service, this lady found out so much about my child in 1 hour. He's normally a closed book to other adults/authority figures. Just from a single session and the report she wrote it has helped my son and me as a parent to understand each other a bit more clearly. Thank you so much."
    Bethan Assessment and report service
  4. Lindzi has been my son's tutor for over a year now and in that time his confidence has grown both personally and academically. He has a lovely relationship with her and she has become a part of our lives. Lindzi is always professional and I would recommend her to any family looking for help and support.
    Danielle Ongoing tutoring and support services
  5. We couldn't be happier with Isabella's progress. We are particularly pleased with the advice and support Lindzi offers with coping with certain family and social situations. The skills she is equipping her with are extremely valuable to Isabella and us- the parents of an anxious child. Lindzi's involvement has greatly improved Isabella's outlook. Lindzi is a supportive and trusted mentor & really does go above and beyond.
    Leighanne Ongoing tutoring & mentoring and support services
  6. My son has struggled settling into his new school. Lindzi assessed him academically & socially to tailor her focus to his particular needs. In her unique, fun way, she has coached him through thinking about behavior choices he can make & the outcomes. Not your normal "learning time"- he gets excited when he knows it's "Lindzi Time"! She has built his confidence and he has really flourished. Her structured feedback and practical suggestions have helped us as parents follow through some of this work, and be confident we are doing the right things!
    Penny Ongoing mentoring and support services
  7. My son had poor concentration skills and a negative outlook on everything. Lindzi used tutoring and mentoring to develop this whilst the assessment and report services helped me to see from his point of view and understand him more. In turn this helped me to manage his behaviour and helped me hugely. It also gave the teachers a little insight into his characteristics and needs making school a little easier for him. I can't thank Lindzi enough for showing me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
    Hannah Mentoring and support services
  8. Lindzi is a fantastic tutor. She adapts the sessions to each of my daughters to suit their learning techniques and needs. She has a good understanding of dyslexia which one of my daughter's has. They both look and forward to her coming every week and enjoy the session each time.
    Simone Ongoing tutoring
  9. Lindzi works 1:1 weekly with our son, who is 3. He has verbal dyspraxia and really struggles with his speech. Since Lindzi has been working with him we have noticed a big difference and slowly he is now communicating better. As well as supporting him she has helped us as parents along the way. We can not thank her enough for all the support and help and would definitely recommend her services to anyone who has children with speech difficulties. Our son has improved so much and even today he has tried to say new words!
    Kristina Ongoing tutoring & mentoring and support services
  10. I hope you realise what a lovely job you do with the young people you tutor and mentor! The Winstar Way is an individual, unique, specialised one to one service. Keep going it's a beautiful service that you offer.
    Rebecca Mentoring and support services
  11. Can't thank you enough for my sons Assessment and Report, you listened to all my concerns and I am very happy with the support you gave us.
    Debbie Assessment and report service