​​Behaviour Intervention Plan
​​ Includes:
x2 Behaviour Intervention pack
x3 60 minute meetings
x3 phone consultations​​
​​ Overview
You will receive 2 copies of the Behaviour Intervention pack to allow you to involve somebody else or share this service.

Meetings can be: a home visit (Leicester and Leicestershire only- travel requests are considered), a call or Skype call.

Initial Meeting (60 minutes)
Discuss concerns and look at relevant sections of pack. Draw up an initial plan which can be actioned immediately- or whenever you are ready.
Phone call (30 minutes)
Within 5 to 7 days of plan being actioned we will catch up, keep and/ or exchange parts.
Mid Meeting
This can take place after 7 days up to 3 weeks. Plan will be discussed and can be adjusted and developed.
Phone calls x2
These can be used across a 3-6 week period to allow continual adaptation and progression.
Evaluation Meeting
​Discuss future aims, tactics and continual progression.
Options to extend this package can be found below. 
​​Immediate action

Target areas of concern.

​Personalised plan.

​Find ways to support your child.

​Understand their specific needs.

Develop behaviour for the future.

​Improve home environment and success at school.
​​For the future:
​x1 meeting + x1 phonecall

​​What to do next

​​Contact me with any questions and to arrange an initial meeting.

              075229 5454 9

​               Lindzi@thewinstarway.com

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