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A little bit about me...

I enjoy a busy life juggling my business with my hobbies, friends and family. My interests are mainly creative; I like writing, art and upcycling furniture. I am a bit of an eco-warrior too and justify my tendency for rescuing old furniture as helping towards greener solutions. I like to read and I'm always looking to learn; I try to watch lots of documentaries plus a bit of Tipping Point & The Chase!
​Over the past few years I have combined the thrill of a challenge with raising awareness and money for charity by so far completing Race for Life, a 'Colour Run', Rough Runner, Wolf Run, Charnwood Marathon walk and bike ride from Skegness to Leicester.
I would like to add the 3 Peaks Challenge and a Triathalon to the list in the future!
​My full empoyment history and details of my qualifications can be found on my Linked In page. Lindzi Hargrave
The Winstar Way so far...

​Wow! What a journey it has already been! And I have no doubt will continue to be so.
Before I embarked on my venture providing family support I benefitted from 6 years of diverse experience through a range of educational roles. I currently provide services to families as well as specialist provisions on a part time basis. This provides me with the opportunity for continual professional development.

​I ultimately strive for "The Winstar Way" to be a one-stop support service for families offering clear, effective information and supportive services. Initially called, LAKH Bespoke I offered tutoring to a range of children and almost 2 years in I decided it was time for a new look and more specialist approach.

The Winstar Way reflects the bright, positive work I have been doing and the friendly, creative approach I take. The name was inspired by the work I have done so far and the brilliant and unique children and families I have met already. 'Winstar' is in honour of my late sister Winnie and the star we look to giving it a special touch.

I recently published the Winstar Cards and I hope many families continue to find them enjoyable and effective. I am hoping to continue the recognition of the Winstar Cards as a fun, accessbile tool to support a whole range of skills development.

The Winstar Way is designed to help and support everyday people who are going through their own individual struggles in a way that suits them. Contact me for a chat about how my service could help you.
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