​​Lindzi Hargrave
​Tutor & Trainer
A little bit about me...

​I enjoy a busy life juggling my business with my hobbies, friends and family. My interests are mainly creative; I like writing both fiction and instructional texts, photography, drawing and upcycling furniture. I am a bit of an eco-warrior too and justify my tendency for recusng old furniture as helping towards greener solutions. I like to read and I'm always looking to learn new things so I try to watch lots of nature and space documentaries plus a bit of Tipping Point & The Chase!
​Over the past few years I have combined the thrill of the challenge with raising awareness and money for charity by so far completing the Race for Life, a 'Colour Run', Rough Runner, Wolf Run, Charnwood Marathon walk and bike ride from Skegness to Leicester.
In the future I would like to add the 3 Peaks Challenge and a Triathalon to the list.
​My full empoyment history and details of my qualifications can be found on my Linked In page.
​A bit about The Winstar Way...

​I began home tutoring in 2015 and the children I support primarily have at least one aspect affecting their ability to learn or keep up at school. Many also have behaviour issues causing concern and affecting areas of the whole family's life. I support a mitxure of children in full time, mainstream school, part time school plus home schooled or transitioning.
In the last 6 years I have gained experience through a range of educational roles including a teaching assistant at a Leicester behavioural school (SEBD), a learning coach for Level 1 students accessing Loughborough college, an NCS mentor and a higher level teaching assistant at a Leicester mainstream primary school. I still provide educational and behaviour mentoring to companies in Leicester on a part time basis and this provides me with continual professional development.

​Through my recent experiences as a home tutor I am developing The Winstar Way into a one-stop support service for families and professionals offering tutoring, advice, guidance and training. Initially I called my business LAKH Bespoke however almost 2 years in and I decided it was time for a new look. I wanted The Winstar Way to reflect the bright, positive work I have been doing and the friendly, creative approach I take. I decided upon a new name inspired by the work I have done so far and the brilliant and unique children and families I have met already. 'Winstar' is in honour of my late sister Winnie and the star my family looks to giving it a special touch.

I create resources and games designed to enhance learning and make it fun, enjoyable and accessible. I often use these during tutoring and mentoring sessions and share them through Reports & Information Packs. I aim to one day produce my games for re-sale, hopefully through a Kickstarter campaign, so that they can be used in homes and schools alike to continually provide learning and development opportunities for all children.

The Winstar Way is designed to help and support everyday people who are going through their own individual struggles in a way that suits you through a varied selection of services. You can simply build a support package that offers the approach you want.
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