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​​​​​The Winstar Way is a flexible and tailored approach to teaching and developing educational, emotional and behavioural skills in chidren aged 3 to 16, whilst offering support services to families along the way.

​I am working across Leicester and Leicestershire and specialise in tutoring and mentoring children who are home schooled, who are temporarily out of school, transitioning plus traditional afterschool hours. Many  of the children I work with have a range of needs including dyslexia, ADHD, autism, processing issues, behaviour, emotional and social difficlties.
I work closely with parents and professionals to support children with accessing the most appropriate and effective level of Education, intervention and guidance.

​My services include tutoring and mentoring, training, advice, resources, games, letters, reports and information packs all of which are created uniquely for you and to provide a service that puts you in control.

​The Winstar Way offers short and long term solutions, guidance for parents and families plus professionals and opportunities to learn skills for life.​​

​Lindzi Hargrave

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​Why choose The Winstar Way?
  • ​You are in control
  • ​Tailored, targeted, specific support
  • Access extensive knowledge in the SEN field
  • ​Unique and inclusive approach to teaching
  • ​Imaginative and exciting range of resources
  • ​Realistic adivce and aims
  • ​Adaptable and flexible to meet your needs
  • ​Friendly and understanding
  • ​Successful in achieving positive outcomes
  • ​Leicester and Leicestershire home visits
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"Tell me I forget,
​Show me I may remember,
​Involve me I'll understand" 

​​​Learning happens when connections are created in the brain. These connections can be strengthened through using fun and creative hands on activities which stimulate intrigue and ultimately a deeper understanding.
​I feel it is important to use real-life objects where possible that can be explored plus sensory stimulation such as touch and movement.
​I have taken great care to build a collection of resources and activities, that encourage a child to find learning exciting and enjoyable, and this is continually expanded and adapted.